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Enel X partners with leaders in the EV industry

We have already installed over 30,000 charging stations, and we are working with energy companies, grid operators, renewable energy sites, retailers and technology partners to create the most scalable, open, and intelligent network of smart-grid controllable devices. Please, contact us if you’re interested in joining us.

Energy Companies & Grid Operators

Enel X supports Energy Companies and Grid Operators by helping balance electricity supply and demand, defer costly infrastructure upgrades, and reduce energy procurement costs. Our JuiceNet? platform, aggregating demand across many JuiceNet enabled charging stations (JuiceBox and those of our partners), is already deployed in partnership with some of the leading US utilities and we are working on establishing similar partnerships in Europe:

Contact us to learn more about partnering with Enel X.


We have a network of trusted installers across Europe who are experts in installing and maintaining our products. They work directly with our customers on installation.
What’s the installation process? Our trusted installers will discuss your installation, send you a detailed quote, then arrange to install your charger once you’ve approved their costs.

Are you interested in becoming an installer partner? Great! We are always looking to expand our installer network. Simply contact us to find out more.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, OEMs, Charging Networks and Systems Integrators

Over 10M EVs are expected to be on European roads by 2025, driving tremendous demand for residential, public and workplace charging stations. EVSE providers continue to search for ways to provide additional value and decrease costs. EV manufacturers, EVSE OEMs, charging network operators, and system integrators can provide state-of-the-art charging stations with fast charging times and the convenience of “mobile” charging by providing co-branded or white-label JuiceNet devices to their customers. EV owners are then able to take JuiceNet with them wherever they go, and use their smartphones to control charging as they like.

In addition, OEMs and their dealer networks can reduce the cost of customer charging even further as their customers connect to the JuiceNet platform, further subsidising the costs of charging.

Enel X has worked with major OEM brands on further developing the overall EV value proposition. Please enquire if your organisation is interested in learning more.

Developers and Operators/Owners of Solar PV, Wind Power Sites and Micro Grids

Are you a solar installer, wind power developer, or micro-grid operator looking to increase the production and economics of your installations? The combination of solar and EV charging is compelling for today’s clean energy consumer and the utilities and operators managing their grid.

A significant share of EV drivers are also solar PV owners. Knowing the benefits of EVs for their customers, solar providers are bundling our solutions with their offerings, performing upgrades, and installing EV charging stations to further add value to solar installations. Wind turbine operators are also seeing the benefits of night-time residential charging to ensure more revenue, and micro-grid and storage companies benefit through coordinated control of loads for optimised demand management.

Retailers & Distributors

Enel X products can be made available through car dealerships, retailers and distributors. Let JuiceNet enabled EVSE help drive sales volume and use JuiceBox in special promotions. Enel X provides EVSE solutions and marketing support to help grow your sales.

Technology & Platform Partners

Enel X partners with leading software and IoT platform providers to create the world’s most scalable, open, and intelligent network of smart grid controllable devices. Contact us, if you’d like to join the movement.