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Smart Charge Hawai'i Program

for electric vehicle drivers located in Hawaiian Electric, Hawai’i Electric Light and Maui Electric Service Territories

Smart EV Charging Stations

Elemental Excelerator and Enel X have now deployed 300 free residential electric vehicle chargers for EV drivers who were willing to participate in the residential Smart Charge Hawaii Program. If you're still interested in purchasing a JuiceBox smart charging station, please visit our store or shop on Amazon.

If you are a business located in Hawaiian Electric, Hawai’i Electric Light and Maui Electric Service Territories, you are still eligible for a FREE commercial charging station. If you are interested, please contact us here.

Elemental Excelerator

Eligible Residential Products

JuiceBox Pro 40 WiFi-enabled 40-Amp EVSE $619.00Free each Out of stock
JuiceBox Pro 32 WiFi-enabled 32-Amp EVSE $589.00Free each Out of stock

How Smart Charge Hawai'i Works

  1. Check your eligibility.This program is for residents of Hawaiian Electric, Hawai'i Electric Light, or Maui Electric service territories. We’ll ask for a copy of your electric utility bill to confirm your residency.
  2. Purchase a JuiceBox EV charger. We’re covering the cost of the charger, but you’ll have to pay for shipping (about $100 per charging station), sales tax (about $50 per charging station), and installation. During the checkout process, you’ll be asked to review the residential smart charging participation agreement. You’ll be enrolled in the Smart Charge Hawai'i program upon acceptance of that agreement.
  3. Install and connect your JuiceBox to the internet within 90 days of purchase. In order to participate in the Smart Charge Hawai'i program and receive a free JuiceBox, you’ll need to connect your JuiceBox to the internet. We’ve explained why below. As part of our terms and conditions, we’ll require people who purchased the JuiceBox for free and have not connected it to the internet within 90 days to pay full-price for the JuiceBox or return it to Enel X.
  4. Start charging!


Learn more about the home installation process for an electric vehicle charger in our installation guide.

Recommended residential EVSE installers include:

Funded by our partner, Elemental Excelerator

Elemental Excelerator, a growth-stage startup accelerator that provides funding and other resources for pilot and commercial-scale projects, selected eMotorWerks for its portfolio in 2017. That year, eMotorWerks was acquired by and now has been rebranded as Enel X. Today, the two are scaling smart charging solutions in Hawaiian Electric, Hawai’i Electric Light and Maui Electric Service Territories.

Elemental Excelerator


How does this actually help the grid? I’d like to learn more.

EVs are generally plugged in for much longer than it takes to charge. Most of us leave our vehicles plugged in overnight – but the battery typically only needs a few hours, at most, to charge with a level 2 charging station. JuiceNet automates your charging schedule to respond to instances when the level of overall consumption is high, meaning that more fossil-fueled power plants must be utilized, instead of relying mostly upon renewable energy to charge your EV.

Our ultimate goal is that when renewable energy is available, your vehicle will charge, and when levels of consumption are high relative to renewable energy availability, your vehicle defers charging. This allows you to be a “good neighbor” on the grid and keep from adding to overall consumption while also reducing your impact on the environment. However, at all times, JuiceNet will attempt to honor your desired departure time so that your vehicle is charged and ready when you need it.

By joining your EV with other EVs charging on JuiceNet, Enel X is able to offer this group of EVs to the power grid like a power plant, but in reverse. We can increase charging when demand is low, and decrease charging when demand is high. With enough vehicles, grid operators could reduce their reliance on operating gas power plants to back up renewables like wind and solar. Currently, grid operators keep some power plants operating to prepare for drop-offs in wind and solar. With tens of thousands of connected EVs, we could avoid having those power plants online, making the grid cleaner!

Am I giving up any control by participating?

Absolutely not! You are always in control of your charging from the JuiceNet dashboard or mobile app. Your needs are always the first priority and you’re able to override and charge immediately at any time, for any reason; however, for those sessions when you override, you will not earn JuicePoints.

What if there is not enough renewable energy during the period my vehicle is charging? Will I be stranded?

No. JuiceNet is designed to ensure that your vehicle is ready by the time you need it. Your needs are a higher priority than renewable energy availability. We strive to maximize renewable energy usage, but if it is not available, we will still charge your vehicle so that it is ready when you need it. Also, if you need your EV to charge immediately, you can instruct JuiceNet to “charge now” on your JuiceNet mobile app or the web dashboard.

How many chargers can I acquire through the Smart Charge Hawai'i program?

Residents are eligible for one charger per household, while supplies last. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this limitation or exceptions.

What are the qualifications to participate?

You must live in a qualifying utility service area of the State as determined by your zip code.

Check your eligibility on this website.

The person listed on your utility bill will need to authorize participation in this program. We require a copy of your electric utility bill to confirm you are a customer of Hawai’i Electric Light, Hawai’i Electric or Maui Electric.

You will need to have a JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station which is connected to the internet in order to participate and earn JuicePoints.

You will need to accept our Residential Smart Charging Participation Agreement during your enrollment process.

How can I earn $30 for installing and connecting my charging station to the internet?

Once we confirm that your charging station is connected to the internet, a $30 credit will be added to your JuicePoints balance. When requested via email to juicepoints.support@www.0q1p.com. JuicePoints are paid via PayPal.

How will the permitting process work?

Residents are responsible for coordinating and paying for permitting and installation.

What are the terms of the Smart Charge Hawai'i program?

You agree to participate in the residential smart charging program in order to receive a free charger. You agree to pay shipping, taxes, permitting and installation costs, and maintain your JuiceBox smart charger for one year, as part of the program terms and conditions.

What if I do not have a reliable interconnection at the location my charger is installed?

Please contact juicepoints.support@www.0q1p.com to discuss your situation and eligibility for the rebate associated with residential smart charging program.

What if I do not have sufficient electric service capacity to install a JuiceBox?

We understand that arranging installation and obtaining permission from your utility to interconnect a new EV charger can take time. If your charger installation and internet connection appears to be taking longer than 90 days from your date of purchase from the webstore, please contact juicepoints.support@www.0q1p.com for assistance.

Do the chargers meet UL certification?

Yes, each charger is UL certified.

If I’m having problems with my JuiceBox who do I contact?

Please contact Enel X customer service.

What are JuicePoints all about?

The JuicePoints program empowers you to charge your vehicle in a way that maximizes your use of cleaner, cheaper renewable energy and minimizes your contribution to grid congestion – all while earning rewards for participating!

Your participation is enabling what is known as “demand flexibility.” Normally, you come home, connect your vehicle to your charger, and leave it that way overnight. Your vehicle charges immediately, or during the pre-programmed times, and doesn’t do much else until you use it again. When your JuicePoints program is active, this series of events looks essentially the same: You come home, connect your vehicle to the charging station, and view the time by which charging is scheduled to be complete. If you need your vehicle at some time earlier, you simply click “Charge Now” on your JuiceNet dashboard or mobile app. Enel X receives information about the grid from your electricity provider such as when electricity demand is high and demand flexibility is needed to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and to avoid greater use of fossil-fueled power plants. In response, Enel X may defer your charging session to periods with cleaner and less costly sources of energy.

JuiceNet is a smart charging cloud-based system, designed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for action by the time you need it. You always have the option to override any smart charging event and charge your vehicle right away; however, for those sessions when you override, you will not earn JuicePoints.

What does Enel X do with my charging data?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your EV charging and JuicePoints participation data will be provided to your utility company as well as sponsors of this JuicePoints program. In exchange for sharing this data as well as participating in smart charging, you are being compensated with JuicePoints and may have received a discount on your charging station.

What if I have solar?

That’s ok! Residential solar customers as well as solar + battery customers can participate in the Smart Charge Hawai'i program.

What if I am on a Time-of-Use rate?

We realize that for many EV owners Time of Use rates are beneficial. At this time, we are only accepting Time-of-Use customers who are purchasing a new JuiceBox charging station. If you already own a JuiceNet-enabled charging station, we you will not be eligible to enroll in JuicePoints or receive $30 for sign-up.

What if I have a question that isn’t addressed here?

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, please feel free to contact us!